22-27 September 2019
Trade Fairs and Congress Center (FYCMA)
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Groundwater Project and eBooks: An Evolving Platform for Groundwater Education and Practice

23 Sep 2019, 14:20
Trade Fairs and Congress Center (FYCMA)

Trade Fairs and Congress Center (FYCMA)

Av. de José Ortega y Gasset, 201 29006 Malaga, Spain
Oral Topic 1 - Groundwater assessment and management Plenary


Prof. John Cherry (G360 Institute for Groundwater Research - University of Guelph)


Groundwater is the source of drinking water for nearly half of the global population and supplies much of the world's irrigation water. Groundwater is complex, out-of-sight and mostly out-of-mind. The GWP (Groundwater Project) is urgently needed to ensure that society achieves the exceedingly difficult task of scientifically-informed, sustainable management and protection of groundwater. The goals of the (GWP) and its eBooks are to publish educational materials, online and free-of-charge. The first iteration will be in English, followed soon after by other languages. The GWP was initiated 3 years ago to cover nearly all aspects of groundwater relevant to both developed and developing countries. The non-profit GWP will fill large voids in educational publishing to become the global standard for synthesized groundwater science. ‘Publishing’ of the first few dozen chapters on the GWP web site will begin in late 2019. Nearly 400 chapters, organized in ~40 ‘knowledge domains’, are planned for the next few years. Many chapters will be layered to support understanding at both introductory and advanced levels with clickable links to equation derivations, worked problems, public domain educational reports, videos of lab demonstrations, field methods, and lectures. Each domain with its chapters is a book within the series of eBooks. The first is for readers with no science education, followed by a book at the undergraduate to graduate level concerning all of the important physical principles and theory. Then there is a book covering the important chemical and biochemical principles. These two books are the foundation for many others on applied topics and interfaces with other disciplines including ecology, human health and social sciences. Although encyclopedic in scope, the GWP is focused on knowledge synthesis to achieve understanding, underpin classroom teaching and facilitate self-education. The eBook aims to provide explanations from experts who are so advanced in their grasp of complex topics that they can convey ideas in impressively simple form. As of May 2019, more than 120 volunteers from 15 countries on six continents are involved in preparation of eBook chapters while the search for more participants continues. Many contributors are internationally recognized experts. A priority is to capture, while still possible, knowledge and key insights from this senior generation. The GWP will also serve as an electronic archive for old, but still insightful groundwater reports from government and other literature not readily accessible, or in jeopardy of being lost. In addition, the GWP will report on the latest advances in groundwater science and technologies to quickly disseminate new knowledge around the globe, including emphasis on the information needs of developing countries. The electronic format was selected for the GWP because materials will be updated and re-published as improvements are made and as global contributions expand.

Primary author

Prof. John Cherry (G360 Institute for Groundwater Research - University of Guelph)

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