22-27 September 2019
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The occurrence and distribution of antibiotics in Hutuohe Valley, North China

24 Sep 2019, 12:30
Conference room 1.A ()

Conference room 1.A

Oral Topic 8 - Groundwater quality and pollution processes Parallel


Dr Dandan Liu


Hutuohe valley is a part of Huabei plain, where is one of the area with the greatest impact of human activities. 205 groundwater samples and 19 surface water samples were collected from all over the valley. 35 antibiotics, including nine sulfonamides, four tetracyclines, five macrolides, sixteen quinolones and chloramphenicol, were analyzed. The results suggest that antibiotics were widely prevalent in the valley, with macrolides and quinolones being the most dominant and occupying 45% and 43% of total antibiotic concentration, respectively. 27 out of 35 antibiotics were found with detection frequencies of 5.9 to 29.7% and concentrations of 0.37 to 198.5 ng/L. Concentrations of total selected antibiotics in water samples were detected with higher value in spring than in winter, which could be attributed no more antibiotics usage for epidemic disease control and the monitored relative slower flow rates of surface water in spring. There are no significant and consistent tendency of attenuation under effect o horizontal flow from upstream to downstream in rivers, however, due to filtration effect of the aquifer matrix, the residual antibiotics concentrations in groundwater decreased with the aquifer depth. A decreasing trend of concentrations were monitored with the increasing distance of sampling points to the Hutuo river, it could be deducted that antibiotics in groundwater in the study area were initially originated from the antibiotics-contaminated surface water through the process of surface water recharge of groundwater.

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