22-27 September 2019
Trade Fairs and Congress Center (FYCMA)
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A study on the performance of a groundwater heat pump with doublet system

23 Sep 2019, 16:00
Trade Fairs and Congress Center (FYCMA)

Trade Fairs and Congress Center (FYCMA)

Av. de José Ortega y Gasset, 201 29006 Malaga, Spain
Poster Topic 1 - Groundwater assessment and management Poster with refreshments


Dr Byoung Ohan Shim (KIGAM)


Groundwater heat pump (GWHP) with doublet can be used as a highly efficient heat exchanger for air-conditioning according to the hydrogeology of installation site. As an open loop type geothermal heat pump a lot of systems have been installed over the world but it is hardly adapted in South Korea because of the lack of awareness, complex regulation and doubt in technology. We studied on the performance of the system in a pilot test building. In order to characterize the aquifer several tests were carried out in pumping and injection wells having the depth of 150 m. The measured hydraulic conductivities are ranged from 6.26$\times$ 10 $^{-5}$ cm/s to 1.65$\times$ 10 $^{-3}$ cm/s. The groundwater levels were monitored during one heating season with regard of geothermal heat pump operation which demands groundwater pumping, heat exchange and injection to the well. The performance of the system depends on the hydrogeology and the temperature of aquifer, and the installed mechanical equipment. The tested pumping and injection rate was 120 m$^{3}$/day and the groundwater level was increased around 0.5 m at injection well and the level at pumping well was lowered to 22 m below initial water level. The system performance of heating condition during one winter season was monitored. The interpreted performance data would be helpful to design economical GWHP and improve the technical feasibility.
Acknowledgement: This research was supported by Basic Research Project of Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM).

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