22-27 September 2019
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Visual KARSYS – a web service for modelling karst aquifers

26 Sep 2019, 15:45
Multiuse room 1 ()

Multiuse room 1

Oral Topic 7 - Karst Hydrogeology Parallel


Dr Pierre-Yves Jeannin (Swiss Institute for Speleology and Karst Studies)


Visual KARSYS is a web service under development and currently available at visualkarsys.isska.ch. Visual KARSYS addresses modelers (hydrogeologists, geologists, private companies, etc.) and end-users (administrations, NGOs, etc.) working for the documentation and/or the management of geology and groundwater resources in karst areas. It makes possible for modelers to setup projects, to entry geol. and hydrogeol. data and to design geological 3D model via the use of GmLib (developed by BRGM) in order to subsequently apply the KARSYS approach. On one side, Visual KARSYS offers an intuitive interface in which modelers are guided through the steps of the approach. On the other side, Visual KARSYS offers a dedicated output page for end-users which displays formatted data and resulting models built by modelers. Editing and reading permissions can be allotted by the project administrator to different users (both modelers and end-users). End users can arrange data and results as they want (form, layout, views, etc.) and different analysis tools are at their disposal (slicer, drawing tool, etc.). They can export different data or print maps.
Main developments on Visual KARSYS will end in June 2019. At that time the web service will be available for everyone. Perspectives for potential extensions to Visual KARSYS do exist in the field of karst hydrology (karst conduits generating, flows modelling, etc.) but also in a broader geological field (for instance: volcanic areas, glaciology, etc.).
The Visual KARSYS project is supported by the Swiss Federal Office for Environment via the grant for the promotion of environmental technology (2016-2019, UTF 537.13.16).
A short course dedicated to the learning of KARSYS via the use of Visual KARSYS will be organized on Sunday 22nd September, 2019, in the frame of the 46th IAH congress.

Primary authors

Dr Arnauld Malard (SWISS INSTITUTE FOR SPELEOLOGY AND KARST STUDIES) Mr Stephen Randles (Institute of 4D Technologies) Mr Philipp Hausmann (Institute of 4D Technologies) Dr Pierre-Yves Jeannin (Swiss Institute for Speleology and Karst Studies) Mr Simon Lopez (brgm) Dr Gabriel Courrioux (brgm) Prof. Manfred Vogel (Institute of 4D Technologies)

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