22-27 September 2019
Trade Fairs and Congress Center (FYCMA)
Europe/Madrid timezone

Typology of karst aquifers in Europe: a review – GeoERA RESOURCE project, CHAKA work package

26 Sep 2019, 11:30
Conference room 2.2 ()

Conference room 2.2

Oral Topic 7 - Karst Hydrogeology Parallel


Eulogio Pardo-Iguzquiza (Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (IGME))


Although karst aquifers represent a widespread groundwater resource in Europe, there is no unified classification and each country has adopted his own typology, taking into account the characteristics of their own karst aquifers. The main objective of the CHAKA (CHAlk and KArst) work package, part of the GeoERA RESOURCE project (http://geoera.eu/projects/resource9/), is to achieve a joint classification typology that should be applicable to a large spectrum of karstic environments, and to associate it to recommendations regarding aquifer management (aquifer protection, monitoring strategies, exploitation, etc.). This presentation describes the current state of the art, in the sense of reviewing the existing methods/approaches used in the different partner countries to classify karst aquifers taking into account the responses from time series analysis. The existing approaches of carbonate aquifer characterization are studied and the differences and complementarity of the different approaches are discussed. The potential gaps are also identified.

Primary authors

Eulogio Pardo-Iguzquiza (Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (IGME)) Dr Jean-Christophe Marechal (BRGM) Dr Jean-Baptiste Charlier (BRGM) Dr Bernard Ladouche (BRGM) Dr Vincent Bailly-Comte (BRGM) Dr Vivien Hakoun (BRGM) Dr Eva Krystofova (CGS, Czech Republic) Dr Jasminka Nikolić (FZZG, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Dr Gerhard Schubert (GBA, Austria) Dr Daniel Elster ( GBA, Austria) Dr Janko Urbanc (GeoZS, Slovenia; ) Dr Caoimhe Hickey (GSI, Ireland) Dr Taly Hunter-Williams (GSI, Ireland) Dr Andrej Stroj (HGI-CGS, Croatia) Dr Georgina Arno (ICGC, Spain) Dr Víctor Camps (ICGC, Spain) Dr Ignasi Herms (ICGC, Spain) Dr Juan de Dios Gómez ( IGME, Spain; ) Dr Javier Heredia Diaz (IGME, Spain) Dr Pedro A Robledo, (IGME, Spain) Dr Juan Antonio Luque-Espinar (IGME, Spain) Dr Diana Persa (IGR, Romania) Dr Nora Gal (MBFSZ, Hungary) Dr Attila Kovacs (MBFSZ, Hungary) Dr Lou Maurice (NERC-BGS, United Kingdom) Dr Ronald Vernes (TNO, Netherlands) Dr Mariëlle Van Vliet (TNO, Netherlands) Dr Luca Zini (Trieste University, Italy) Dr Chiara Calligaris (Trieste University, Italy)

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