22-27 September 2019
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Impact of sea level rise and Sustainable groundwater management in in Kalpitiya Peninsula, Sri Lanka

23 Sep 2019, 18:15
Multiuses room 2 ()

Multiuses room 2

Oral Topic 2 - Groundwater and climate change Parallel


Prof. Ranjana Ranjana Piyadasa (University of Colombo)


Sri Lanka is an island which is vulnerable to sea level rise. Therefore, sea level rise and its impact directly face to coastal region and their population. It is evident that most of the future settlements will be located along the Coastal Belt of Sri Lanka while the global warming tempted Sea Level rise in the Indian Ocean could have a number of physical impacts on the country as an island. One of the major consequences is the depletion of coastal ground water resources due to salt water intrusion leading to potential shocking impacts on Coastal Population. In the contemporary context, ground water has become a diminishing resource in the dry zone coastal areas of the island due to the vast utilization and over exploitation. The study was conducted to identify the sea level rise and its impacts on coastal water in Kalpitiya Peninsula, west coast of the Sri Lanka, using geographical Information System and Remote Sensing. Both natural and human factors apply to sea level rise and its impact evaluation, which includes sea level, tide, land use, ground water and several physical and human factors were analyzed by spatial analysis methods in ArcGIS 10.1 and suitable statistical analysis methods on several statistical software. The significance of ground water usage in the context of demographic and economic conditions of the case study area was reviewed using secondary data. The results of the analysis indicate that, the Dry Zone Coastal Ground Water table facing de-facto deprivation under the threat of Sea Level Rise. Accordingly the sustainability of dry zone coastal settlements is in a critical need of due attention since the growing population of the area do not possess the capacity to sustain without the water they need for the daily life.

Primary author

Prof. Ranjana Ranjana Piyadasa (University of Colombo)


Ms Herath Sonali D H.M.M. (University of Colombo)

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