22-27 September 2019
Trade Fairs and Congress Center (FYCMA)
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An Intelligent Framework for Groundwater Overexploitation Management (based on hydrogeological modeling)

23 Sep 2019, 17:45
Conference room 2.1 ()

Conference room 2.1

Oral Topic 1 - Groundwater assessment and management Parallel


Ms Meriyam MHAMMDI ALAOUI (Université Mohammed V / Faculté des Sciences de Rabat)


Hydrogeological modeling is an indispensable decision support tool for sustainable groundwater resources management. However, one of the major issues in Groundwater numerical modeling is related to the basic data preparation required for running this open sources or commercial packages models. The experienced user or a newcomer of various existing powerful models such as MODFLOW, FEFLOW, etc, is often lost during the data preparation phase. Hence, one of the main motivations for this work is to develop an expert system able to reproduce heuristics mechanisms of hydrogeologists/experts in order to assist engineers/researchers in the main stages (essentially prior) of hydrogeological modeling (to analyze and study in depth the aquifer system).
A rule based expert system, called ALAES (ALae Aquifer Expert System), dedicated to this purpose, was built adopting object oriented approach, and using an Expert System Shell. It includes: 114 class, 1136 instances, 179 functions, 192 rules and two types of interfaces. This work describes the main steps of ALAES development, its top level object hierarchy, and corresponding heuristics rules. Most of the advice given by ALAES working system was evaluated and validated in the Moroccan Rhis-Nekor aquifer case study. ALAES allows to: i) select the appropriate hydrogeological model depending on the aquifer problem studied and judge its modeling feasibility, ii) prepare the necessary inputs data for Hydrodynamic model, iii) guide the user during the modeling process, and determinate the optimal future water management scenario of groundwater resources.

Primary authors

Ms Meriyam MHAMMDI ALAOUI (Université Mohammed V / Faculté des Sciences de Rabat) Prof. Ilias KACIM (Université Mohammed V / Faculté des Sciences de Rabat) Prof. Driss OUAZAR (Mohammed V University / Mohammadia School of Engineering )

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